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Magnolia Flower Arrangement in a Galvanized Bucket… For Less!

Hello there! I wanted to share with you how I made this cute magnolia arrangement. You can do it for under $20 (which includes the table runner). If you go to Hobby Lobby you might find this arrangement for about or around $50 to $60. This little DIY was pretty easy. and I purchased everything from Michael’s. Let’s get started… here is what you’ll need:

    (from top then left to right)
* 1 1gallon galvanized bucket
* 1 artificial silk magnolia stem bunch
* 1 leafy green foliage stem
* 1 leafy stem spray (of your choice)
* 5 yd burlap runner (my table seats 8)
* Grocery store paper bag
Flower Arrangement 3
In this photo, you’ll see that I have two of everything, that’s because I made two of these arrangements. And I ended up not using the floral tape.
Let’s Get Started!
Flower Arrangement 4
First you’ll take the magnolia stem as that will be the center piece for the arrangement. Spread out the stems to allow room to insert the green foliage stems.
Flower Arrangement 5
 Insert the green leaf stems down the center of the magnolia stem to create the arrangement. Adjust the flowers so that they intertwine amongst one another. You can use the floral tape to keep the stems together, I chose not to.
Flower Arrangement 7
 Take your paper bag and rip it open so it lays flat. Then crumple it so that you can shape it around the inside of the bucket.
Flower Arrangement
 Make sure that the paper bag will snugly fit the arrangement so the arrangement does not move around. Again, you can use the floral tape.
Flower Arrangemnet 2
 Place the arrangement in the center of the bucket and paper bag and Voila! That’s it!
Flower Arrangement 1
For the runner all you need to do is on each end allow the desired length to hang over and bundle the remaining of the burlap in the center of the table. Lift the burlap from the middle of the fabric and twist allowing the fabric to fall and ruffle as seen in the photo above. Set the arrangement on the center of the bunched burlap and there you have it!
The 5yd runner suited my table as it seats 8 chairs. But should you have a shorter table find a runner that is shorter so you don’t run into too much of the fabric bunched to where your arrangement is off set or lopsided.
The buckets I found at the 99 Cents Only store that we have here in California, for $1.99 ea.. Of which is a hit or miss due to the random inventory they receive on occasion. I was fortunate to find these. But if you are not so fortunate, you check places like Amazon. The magnolia flowers and leafy stems I purchased from Michael’s. They were 50% off during a spring sale. The magnolia stem was about $9, the leaf stem was about $4, and the spray stem was $4 as well. The burlap runner was not on sale but I used Michael’s 40% off coupon and it brought the runner to about $8. Bringing my total to about $18 buckeroos! Score! Score! Score! I’m sure if I tried a bit harder I could have gotten this all for at a lower amount but hey, $18 bucks beats a hefty $50 dollars.
I hope you enjoyed this simple diy. You can share how you were able to make one just like this in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!
God Bless!

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