Pre-School & Kinder Upper and Lower Case Tracing Practice Sheets

So my son, is in Kindergarten. He needs practice with his penmanship. So I decided to create a simple worksheet to do so. The only issue I have with other worksheets is that they are too busy with animation. Which distracts Blake from concentrating on his work.

lowercase tracing

Another the thing about perfecting penmanship is, unlike math and other subjects, being majorly creative is not always an option. Since I decided to keep the worksheets simple, and if I want to keep my son’s attention, I allow him to use markers to write with, or scented writing tools, something that’ll captivate his attention. All the while getting him to practice the muscle of proper writing skills.

In the picture below Blake is using a pencil… I took these photos strictly for this post, otherwise we use different writing tools.

uppercase tracing

So here they are, and enjoy these free writing practice sheets! 

To download click the links below:

Lowercase tracing

Uppercase tracing

Many Blessings!


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