Alright! What’s the Line Up? Or Number Line in Any Case….

Hey there…! So my 5-year-old is still working on grasping number sense. Things like, what number comes before and after a number that is given in a question, or addition equations. With that I chose to make a number line worksheet so he can visualize the numbers on a number line. As well as being able to use manipulatives for a hands on way of grasping number sense also with adding and subtracting.

math facts and number line

He is currently working on addition with basic math facts. So I have also created addition math facts worksheets for numbers 1 through 10. It is my goal to have him memorize his basic math facts so he may answer them from the top of his head. With repetition, I plan to have him memorize these so we may work on doubles and neighbors math facts eventually. Of which I will get those out soon on another post.

We’ll get there sooner or later. It’s a goal. Definitely a goal…. He’s a smart kid.

(I’m not just saying that cause he is my offspring… Ok… yes I am…. But he really is.)


There are multiple ways you can use these number line and math facts worksheets. If you have a Kinesthetic learner use manipulatives. I have Blake use these poms that I purchased from the Dollar Tree. I forget how many came in one package but I believe this container has three packets. Or you can use beans, popcorn, counting blocks or whatever you’d like. For a hands on learning.

For the Visual learner, use the number line with a dry erase marker. What I did here is I laminated the number lines and the equation boxes sheet, so Blake has the ability to use a dry erase marker. By doing so we save on having to re-print these out as well as it’ll stand up to the wear and tear that children tend to have on things they handle. You know what I mean….

number line with poms

So here it is… Enjoy!

Number Lines 1-50

Addition Facts

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