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My Top 3 Secrets to a Successful Keto Diet

For the longest time I have struggled with my weight…. I’ve dieted and failed every time. I’d lose weight maybe a week into the diet and then give into my old habits and gain back what I lost plus extra weight. Or I would eat less and workout to only have the same exact thing happen to me.

But this time… this time was very different. I’ve been longing to shed the fat. I would pray about it. You may say, “come on… praying to lose weight?”. I’d say well, yes! But, nothing… nothing was happening. I later I found out that my heart wasn’t in the right place. It came to the point where I started to feel like something was wrong. Like, I may have borderline diabetes, or high cholesterol. My prayers changed, and I started to ask God to help me stop this cycle of overeating, snacking, poor food choices. My body was given to me to be used to do the work of the Lord and how can I do so if I feel sluggish, if I am handing down poor eating habits to my children. Who in turn will end up with the same struggles that I fight; causing a stunt in growth with the Lord and my performance. I worry about being around people, people looking at me, while I look like an overweight woman in her 30’s. Shouldn’t that be the last thing I need to worry about? Shouldn’t I be concerned about the Lords business? This realization I feel has unlocked my journey into the Ketogenic diet. And alas, I struggle no more… as long as I keep my eyes on the Lord. Just as Peter did when he walked on water towards Jesus. As long as he kept looking at Jesus, Peter would not sink, inevitably to drown.

Oh! Not to forget! I had also been praying for the Lord to teach me to fast…. A vital practice in the Believer’s walk. Voila! Thus, He revealed to me the Keto diet. A diet of which encourages fasting. God is good indeed!

So with this I have been guided by my younger sister, April, whom has been certified in the Ketogenic diet. With certain questions based on age, weight, and height. She was able to size up my macros….

What are macros?

Macros, short for macronutrients, are the fat, protein, and carbohydrates that make up food and help you create energy.

Including calories, sodium, and sugars. To track these, I use the MyFitnesPal app. Which is awesome! Buuut you have to track everything you eat. And that at times can be a chore. You may forget… and then forget what you ate and how much. For me that is usually cause I’m not on top of measuring and just mostly estimating the amounts…. Shame on me…. I have my ups and downs.

Anyway… let’s get to it! My 3 secrets to a successful ketogenic diet, that helps keep you into ketosis.

Now if you haven’t done enough research into the keto diet. I strongly suggest you do! Because, I have gotten a few people mentioning that sometimes you need a cheat day…. I say nooooo! Ketosis is a state of being the body goes into that should you “cheat”, you will throw your body out of ketosis (aka “burning fat”). Of which you do not want to do. And should your body fall out of ketosis, trying to get back into to ketosis may take 2 to 3 days back on the diet to get into ketosis. Or if your willing you can do a 24hr fast. It’s just not worth it… I know, cause I’ve done this exact thing. You back pedal in doing so, making your hard work in vain. So no cheat days. Not till you have reached your goal weight. At least that’s my plan once I get there. No more taking any breaks, this is not become a fad diet, but a lifestyle. My body responds well to it so I will stick with it. And like I said, this was the Lord answering my prayer, and no one including me knows my body better than He does. Therefore, this is my new way of life.

Okay… okay… now let’s really get to it. My top 3 secrets to a successful keto diet.

1. Essential Oil Blend

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Essential oils for the past 5 years have played a vital role in my well-being. I decided to take an essential oil blend to help curb my appetite. I bought on amazon some vegetable capsules, 00 size, to be exact. Then diluted the oils with a carrier oil into the capsule and took it three times a day, before every meal. In the morning I’d make sure I took it on an empty stomach. The oils I purchased were from Plant Therapy, of whom, oils are 100% pure and therapeutic. Safe to ingest. And their prices are affordable. Love their oils…. Here’s the weight loss blend I used:

  • 2 drops Ginger EO
  • 2 drops Peppermint EO
  • 2 drops Lemon EO
  • 2 drops Grapefruit EO
  • 1 drop Cinnamon Bark EO

(EO= Essential Oil)

You’ll also need a carrier oil that is Keto friendly. Such as: avocado oil, olive oil, fractionated coconut oil, etc.

Simply combine the EO’s into an amber bottle, undiluted. Screw cap back on and shake for a few seconds. Open veggie capsule and add 3 drops of the weight loss blend, keep capsule open. Carefully pour carrier oil, just enough to the top of the capsule in hand. You may need a mini funnel, specially made for capsules; but I don’t, I just try to keep my hand steady and pour the carrier oil in slowly so I don’t over fill. Close veggie capsule and take with lots of water.

2. Drink lots of water! (very important)

clear drinking glass
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Drinking lots of water helps to keep you full. And of course is great hydration.

I have a super cute 24oz white Blender Bottle I got on sale at Wal-Mart online. And I’ll emphasize “super cute” or “awesome”, cause if I think its cute, I’m more likely to want to keep it near me and grab to drink. It’s a mental thing…. But that’s ok cause it helps. I keep it iced cause I like cold water. Maybe I’ll drop a cinnamon stick in their to infuse it or a lime or lemon, to make it interesting. All keto friendly. I try to drink about 3 of my 24oz bottle of water.

And finally…

3. Eat at least 7 cups of leafy greens per day

spinach chicken pomegranate salad
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You got to get them in there. Even if it’s iceberg lettuce. Sneak them in… by sauteing some spinach, if you like that. The best thing about this is… salad does not count against your macros… Woo woo! No matter how many carbs it may have, it doesn’t count. Can I get a hallelujah!

You need the greens so they help your body push all the fat being burnt and food waste out. 

This is what I usually do. I measure 2.5 cups of greens at each meal and add a protein on top. So for breakfast I put salad on the plate first then my eggs on top… Lunch, I plate the salad then a 4oz cut of salmon and top it with guacamole… Dinner, plate some more salad then add some grilled steak. Each time I drizzle a little avocado oil, red wine vinegar (or any vinegar is fine, ACV is best actually), salt, and pepper. In doing so, I find myself satisfied. Not feeling like I’m still hungry.

And there you have it!

I tried to keep it simple. I’ve learned, when I don’t keep these in practice I find myself irregular (not pooping as much as I should), not satisfied with the food I’m eating, and not feeling up to my full potential.

On a side note… fasting is so rewarding, once you get past the mental part of it. Cause that’s what it really is… mental. We’ve trained our brains to eat to our heart’s content. But our bodies need food for nourishment, for sustainability, and survival. Keep that in mind too. If your not starving, which if your stuggling with weight, your for sure not starving. Then, you’ll be just fine living off the fat of the land, as the saying goes.

I find what works for myself when I fast, I drink water and coffee. Coffee with not too much added carbs. I’ll usually brew it not as strong as I usually like, and add a few dashes of ground cinnamon, and about 7 drops of liquid stevia from Trader Joe’s. And that helps me if I choose to fast for 24hrs or more.

Being on this diet makes me feel great! I am blessed to be on this journey. And I hope it inspires you to do the same!



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